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Rtn.S. Sowmiyanarayanan, B.Com

A comptetent professional with decade of experience in the entire hospitality operation. Adapt at planning, superivisng and managing for smooth functioning of all department of Kumbakonamhomestay. He is a commerce graduate and a document consultant in real estate business. Having excellent interpersonal Skills, communication skills, team buidlign skills and customer relationship management skills in the kumbakonamhomestay.He handles the day to day operation of of the homestay.

In addition, he is the member of the Rotary Club of Kumbakonam. He undertakes volunatary service on behalf of Kumbakonamhomestay as part of corporate social resonspbility. He can be contacted by via email id:





Rtn. S. Baalaaji, M.B.A

A business partner of Kumbakonamhomestay graduated in management and a document specialist in real estate business in Kumbakonam. As a member of Rotary club of Kumbakonam, he spends 2 hours every day for as part of rotary club service. He served as Rotary president, Assistant governor in the Rotary club of kumbakonam. A result oriented leader in kumbakonamhomestay with high customer satisfaction. He is accessible at email id:

He brings to the Board extensive experience in the travel and leisure industries.He is Unique in Team bulding , Hospitality development and operational Improvement in Kumbakonamhomestay. In addtion, he has effectively undertook steps for better visiblity of Kumbakonamhomestay in the Crowded Market Place.